They made it about her, not the victim. Who really represented the voice of Botham? The murdered young man, as Amber is cuddled in an embrace of forgiveness? As if she accidentally ran over a dog in the road.

This misstep of grieving is deceiving.  Setting a standard and tone that irrational inhuman behavior by the “superior” race is condoned. Grace and remorse were handed largely to the criminal; justice was side lined and put on pause, for the applause of forgiveness.

After 911, there was no forgiveness for the Muslim community.  Since then the act has been killing and eliminating all of them. Whenever a crime is committed blurring racial lines, were coerced into that slave type mentality.

Must forgive Massa, he didn’t mean to hurt me. Where dose accountability meet with remorse? Insincere tears are deceptive to the hearts of many. I Can’t see the justice, because there isn’t any.