Benefits of Staying Physically Fit

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To understand how to be physically fit, you must know the definition of physical fitness. Physical Fitness is the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly with energy left over for enjoying leisure time activities and meeting emergency needs. It is to the human body what fine tuning is to an engine, and involves the performance of the heart, lungs and muscles. Now that we have obtained a brief understanding of physical fitness, we will discuss the benefits of being physically fit, as well as giving you an idea of how to set up a physical program of your own.

There are several benefits of being physically fit such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, lowering your cholesterol level, and for some having a better sex drive. For whatever reason you choose to get in shape, from playing sports, getting ready to fit in your dream wedding dress, that summer trip to the beach, or doing it for yourself, make sure you have the time and dedication and most importantly “No Excuses.”

Before you begin to exercise you must have the right mind frame because just as anything else that you try if you don’t have your mind set to doing it with the proper planning and commitment, it will not go through as planned. Therefore, to begin your physical fitness program you have to first put in your age, sex, heredity, personal habits and eating practices into factor. After you have factored that in you need to figure out how many days out of the week you want to work out and for how long. Keep in mind starting off slow and gradually working your way up will give you better results.

In the last fifteen years, obesity rates have increased by more than sixty percent among adults. In 1999 sixty-one percent of the adult population was either overweight or obese. The rate of  young people being overweight has been steeper. Since 1980, the percentage of children who are obese has nearly doubled, and the percentage for adolescents has nearly tripled.

Nearly nine million young Americans, or about fifteen percent of all children are overweight. Healthy lifestyles are more influential than genetic factors in avoiding deterioration traditionally associated with aging. For children it is much easier for physical activity because they participate in athletic or physical fitness activities during school, running, jumping rope, swimming, and dancing. As for adults it is more difficult seeing how majority of our recess days have been taken up with 9 to 5 days at the office, getting the kids dressed and ready for school, and just to come home from a long day at work with piles of paperwork, hyperactive kids, and having to cook dinner. They have to work around their kids and work schedule to exercise, but mostly in that time you just want to get some piece of mind and just relax with some nice slow music, and a bottle of Moscato.

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