Believe Me: It’s Not the Trade War

Trust me, I understand how hard it is to face the facts and to start questioning a system that has provided us with modest standards of living and access to everyday comforts. Sometimes, just out of curiosity, the awakened find themselves investigating the inner workings of the monetary system that we live in.

Many haven’t really pursued finding any answers that stem from questions involving deep explanations of how our monetary fractional reserve system works. Even fewer ask how the system works within the global arena of trade. “The real problem is that, over the past two decades, it has become increasingly difficult for the world to fix its massive trade imbalances; the very mechanisms that created them also make them harder to absorb.” (Pettis, 2019). The mechanisms involved consist of central banking apparatuses like the Federal Reserve Bank and the International Monetary Fund or IMF. In the United States, there are also other private organizations like the Internal Revenue Service which ultimately rigs the monetary system against the very citizens that use the system in everyday life.

Once you start to dig a little deeper into the world of monetary policy you begin to question the authority related to the monetary policies that control our lives in America. “In the first place, the Fed is certainly not independent of political oversight — it is a creature of Congress. To be sure, the Federal Reserve Act crafted in 1913 did insulate the Fed from responsibility to fund the federal government, unlike the Bank of England.” (O’Driscoll Jr., 2011) In other words, unelected officials working within their own banking interests do not have to fund the government. These regulators of Federal Reserve Note distribution determine how much cash everyday people are allowed to hold, and what percentage of interest people pay when they acquire a loan from a reserve system commercial ban. And since the government also borrows Fiat from the Federal Reserve System the government in turn taxes the people to fund not public, but private interests.

It’s not apparently clear as to why people think the current system is even a little alright. The system needs to be broken, and there are a number of ways that the financial and reserve systems can be broken right now. The main excuse for the disruption in the economic system continues to be the Trump Trade War. Under the surface of this lie is really the truth. The whole fractional reserve system is breaking down and to be on the right side of history individuals can no longer ignore the flashing red signals.

President Trump like him or dislike him he has always touted the need for America to return to a sound monetary standard. “Mr. Trump’s emphasis on currency manipulation brings into focus the shortcomings of our present international monetary system—volatility, persistent imbalances, currency mismatches—which testify to its dysfunction.” (Shelton, 2016). All of the mismatches and interconnected financial systems have all led to a global trend of commercial bank bailouts, stock market manipulation, precious metals true price discovery suppression, as well as economic data manipulation. Ask yourself, would you find it acceptable to have to pay for the overreach of a rigged system that was designed to put you at a disadvantage? Probably not knowingly, but this is what individuals have accepted.

With the current financial system showing signs of wear and tear, we can focus our goals on developing a modern system without the excessive burdens of debt. The credit system plays a gigantic role in throughout the global banking system. One European bank, Deutsche Bank, is heavily leveraged with debt and is said to be bankrupt. When the official announcement is made of their collapse the current global financial system will end. “The German bank could not fail without causing a domino effect and taking with it the whole system.” (Hunt, nd.).

It should be obvious now as to why fractional reserve banking should be laid to rest. Running the world with sound money and decentralizing the banking system is the correct approach governments globally need to adopt. With a decentralized financial system, individuals will be able to be in control of their own financial situations, long term. True tangible asset price discovery will be possible and debt will no longer be the topic of conversation.


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    As an architect of social media marketing and new age traditional marketing strategies Garland L. McLaughlin has branded himself as the Consultingguy online.

Garland McLaughlin

As an architect of social media marketing and new age traditional marketing strategies Garland L. McLaughlin has branded himself as the Consultingguy online.

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