Jayme Raven is a 26-year-old hailing from Northern California. She is a graduate if the University of California, Berkley, go Bears! Currently, she is a full-time insurance professional and part-time model. She hopes to enter a masters program next year. In her spare time she enjoys sports, reading, cooking and giving back to her community.Jayme mentors high school freshman in Oakland, CA. 

I recently had the chance to interview Jayme Raven. Check out the interview below.

You were a softball player throughout your youth and college days was that your first passion?

My first passion was actually basketball but I played every sport growing up. My favorites were basketball and track. From a young age, I was quick and spunky which helped me excel as an athlete in all sports.

Who were some of your favorites to watch growing up that influenced you?

I am a huge San Antonio Spurs fan and when I was younger Tim Duncan was dominating the NBA. I loved watching him and my high school basketball number was 21 in his honor. I enjoyed watching Women’s Track and Field. LaTasha Colander was amazing in the 400 m (my race), as well as Sanya Richards and later Allyson Felix.

I always admired their strength and determination. In softball, I loved Jennie Finch and Jessica Mendoza. In addition, it was always special to watch Natsha Watley and see such a great African American player in a sport that was and still is predominately Caucasian. 

Did you watch the television series ‘Pitch’ while it aired on Fox and did you find it inspiring?

Yes! I loved that show. I wish that it had been renewed for another season. It was super inspiring and a great show for our young people to see that anything is possible!

If there were a WMLB or women were given a fair shot at the majors would you be the next Jenny Baker?

Haha, no! I have put my glove away but I know many women who could definitely be the next Jenny Baker.

What or whom inspired you to become a model?

I appreciate the classic beauties; Iman, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Sims, etc. They are so beautiful, timeless, and elegant. I was always in awe of the way they carried themselves and glided when they walked. It’s mesmerizing. When I was growing up, America’s Next Top Model was really popular and I used to always watch it. However, I never thought I was tall enough to be a model as I am only 5’8. But when 5’7 Eva Marcille won, it gave me more confidence that I could! 

Do you take the same competitiveness and thirst to be the best into your modeling career?

Absolutely! I competed in a modeling competition called America’s Next Natural Model my senior year in college. It was hard to balance school work and a new photoshoot each week but I was determined to win. I ended up winning and I was flown to New York for a photo shoot. It was so much fun. 

Can you offer any words of wisdom to the female millennials?

Never give up on your dreams and don’t be afraid to try new things! Even if you aren’t sure how things will work out you might miss an opportunity by not trying. 

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