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Award winning playwright Philly Weeden brings love and soul to the stage with newest play, Soul Mate: A True Love Story

Imagine yourself attending a sold out show in downtown Indianapolis for a show that you’ve been hearing about since early April. That’s exactly what happened to me as I attended the Indianapolis showing of Philly Weeden’s Soul Mate: A True Love Story that boasted a sold-out crowd of over 400 people in the audience.

 (Left to Right) Actress and singer Makeda Grier made a guest appearance during the Indianapolis stop of Soul Mate: A True Love Story and is pictured with actress Taral Hicks and Tiffany Allison Photo Credit: Tanya Pugh

(Left to Right) Actress and singer Makeda Grier made a guest appearance during the Indianapolis stop of Soul Mate: A True Love Story and is pictured with actress Taral Hicks and Tiffany Allison Photo Credit: Tanya Pugh

Weeden who is affectionately known as the Tyler Perry of Cleveland is currently touring the star-studded show that features Alvin Frazier, Tiffany Allison, Archie Berwick and Taral Hicks known for her roles in Tyler Perry stage plays and the hit film, Belly.

From first glance, audience members will be amazed by the beautiful set which is set into two parts—a bedroom and a living room.

The production opens up with the main character played by Alvin Frazier looking to get advice about the ladies from his tell-it-like-it-is uncle played by funny man Archie Berwick. The scene then transcends into the bedroom where a young high school girl played by Taral Hicks is opening up to her promiscuous best friend played by Tiffany Allison about finding her soul mate.

Early on, it is evident that Soul Mate: A True Love Story is just that—a true love story. I couldn’t help but wonder if some of the actors and actresses used experiences in their previous and current relationships to help themselves get into character.

When talking with comedian Archie Berwick the production certainly helped him to realize that relationships take work and two people willing to work together.

The ladies of the show also felt the same way.

“I have been with my high school sweetheart since we were 16-years-old and recently celebrated a wedding anniversary,” said Hicks.

Allison also felt the play extended what she already feels about relationships. She said that her parents have been married for a long time and she feels that God brought them together. In addition, Allison also said that although she is single, she also feels that God will send her the right partner also.

One interesting aspect of the stage production is the various time periods the play covers. When the play opens, you see the two main characters as teens, and by intermission, you see them as married adults leading into their elder years.

The cast of Soul Mate: A True Love Story did a very good job conveying the message that true love does stick around especially if its meant to be. Another wonderful aspect of the production was the music!

Hicks and Frazier both provided their vocals for a few numbers in the production and did a fantastic job. One thing that I admire about Weeden is his competency to scout fresh and new talent for his productions.

The city of Indianapolis was in for a treat as singer and actress Makeda Grier who toured and played the character of Celie in the traveling production of The Cupboard Inc. Presents: Oprah Winfrey’s The Color Purple made a guest appearance in the production.

Each touring city will also feature a special guest appearance from a pool of talent that will be selected.

Soul Mate: A True Love Story will certainly make you laugh, cry but more importantly it’ll make you think. The cast did an amazing job portraying transparency when it comes to love and relationships.

The production will pick back up touring this upcoming winter when they will make a stop in Decatur, GA and then will head to Philadelphia to kick off the last leg of the tour.

“I want my productions to leave a lasting impression on the audience.” said Weeden.

Just as Weeden described wanting his productions to leave a lasting impression, Soul Mate: A True Love Story did just that—it left a lasting impression on me including the audience who gave a standing ovation once the curtains closed.

For more information about Soul Mate: A True Love Story and to find out if the production will make a stop in your city, visit You can also follow Weeden on his Twitter and Instagram accounts: @phillyweeden


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