Author Veronica Loving Breaks the Silence with Book Release ‘Feeding the Monster’, Hosts Book L.A. Signing
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There are certain taboos that have haunted the community for years. One of those being sexual abuse and sexual assault. Victims that face these issues often feel ashamed and they will go on for years living in a fear because they don’t want to be judged or ridiculed for an action done to them that was beyond their control. So they remain silent.

However, they art alone and there are others out there that are willing to take the stand and speak out on behalf of other victims to help them in also speaking out. Veronica Loving recently released her new memoir Feeding A Monster.

To celebrate the release she held a book release party at The Study in Hollywood on Thursday, December 8. The evening kicked off at 7 p.m. and was nice and intimate with the company of Loving’s family, friends, co-workers, and celebrity talent.

Some of the talent that came out to support the release included Alyssia Joy Powell (NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura), Dasha Chadwick (Tyler Perry’s The Have and The Haves Nots, Season 2), Ciera Payton (CBS NCIS), and McBass & The MoFo‘s (band). McBass also kept the guest entertained through out the night along with Jazzmine Jackson on the vocals.

Loving was inspired to  to wrote her first book, a Memoir called “Feeding a Monster,” when tragedy struck her family and destroyed her 20-year marriage damaging the lives of her and her children. Veronica is now a motivational speaker and advocate for Sexual Assault and Abuse Victims. Her work in this field has led her to start a non-profit organization called “Loving You Through It,” where she helps victims of Sexual Assault, Molestation, and Domestic Violence move through their circumstances and begin to step out of survival and begin to thrive to their highest potential. She also partnered with an organization called “Fatherless Daughter” to become a certified advocate for the organization.

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