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Author Tanya Wilson Talks Life After Tragedy in Book, ‘Take2 —Steps to Rejoining Your Life’

Life can be a rollercoaster. Sometimes the rollercoaster of life can be an exciting journey and at times it can be dreadful where you want to throw in the towel and call it quits. While life can throw ultimate curve balls it’s okay to go through the process.

Take 2 —Steps to Rejoining Your Life by author Tanya Wilson is a book written from the heart of the author herself who has experienced traumatic trials that could’ve knocked her out with no way of getting back up to continue the fight.

According to Wilson, the book was written as a transparent account of her life journey that took her from several points of desperation to a place of peace, understanding and victory.

“The most important thing for me when I wrote the book was to say to people that it’s okay,” said Wilson. “We fail, we get back up again.”

Wilson, whose background consists of working in the broadcast industry for more than 25 years has an overall mission to help those who have fallen, simply get back up and press forward.

“A lot of times, people that are going through something or feel what they’ve endured is the worst thing ever causes them to be stuck and are oftentimes dependent upon other people’s opinions or self imposed pressures of what others may think,” said Wilson. 

Take 2 —Steps to Rejoining Your Life was also written in an attempt to let people know their current journey of success or place in life isn’t where they’ve always been and there is a story linked to their redemption.

Wilson shared, “All of the things we go through in life shapes and prepares us for our current journey. If you hadn’t gone through that divorce, job loss or illness, you wouldn’t be where you are today.”

For those who are having a difficult time accepting traumatic situations in their lives, Wilson lets readers know past chapters are the curriculum for your life.

According to Wilson, “A chapter begins and a chapter ends. When a chapter ends, it gives you the opportunity to open a new chapter.”

Just as a new chapter begins, Wilson encourages readers to feel a sense of entitlement to own their greatness. 

“Because I’m a spiritually focused person, I’ve learned that your suffering is oftentimes a distraction to keep you away from what is waiting for you.”

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