Author Tamara Winfrey-Harris proves that black women are ‘alright’ with latest book, The Sisters Are Alright

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Meeting author Tamara Winfrey-Harris was not a coincidence—it was fate. The first encounter with the author and public relations professional was during a panel for up-and-coming authors looking to get published. Winfrey-Harris was amongst a group of published authors talking about their experiences in the publishing industry whether good or bad.

Before talking about her latest book, The Sisters Are Alright, Winfrey-Harris talked about her experience and steps leading to becoming a published author with a traditional publishing company. Talking about her book was simply the icing on the cake and it opened up my world tremendously.

Already feeling broken and less than in corporate America, reading The Sisters Are Alright was the prequel too much needed dialogue I would have with myself and my sister friends.

“This book was a combination of the work I had been doing for the last decade. I found myself gravitating towards telling black women’s stories because I feel that our stories aren’t told enough.” Winfrey-Harris said when describing what made her want to start most of the dialogue and conversations that derive the book.

In a society that tends to dim a light on women who aren’t married, particularly black women, The Sisters Are Alright aimed to convey that black women whether by choice or fate can and do have very successful and happy lives.

Winfrey-Harris did a very admirable job with telling the story of black women’s lives amongst a very diverse group of women. The book includes anecdotes and recollections from younger, middle-aged and older women who all provided very transparent and authentic recollections of their past.

As a millennial living in a society where we can truly say girls run the world, as Beyoncé very eloquently sang in her 2011 hit song, Run The World (Girls) there is still one topic that can’t seem to cease—marriage.

Although women, particularly black women have come far by crushing many of the social stigmas, marriage is still a very relevant topic that can leave many black women feeling inadequate if she isn’t married by a certain age.

When describing why she believes there is such a stigma surrounding black women in particular on the topic of marriage, Winfrey-Harris believes its sexism.

“There is a long history of single women being demonized by society because society believes women should be nurturing, helpmates to men and mothering,” said Winfrey-Harris.

Winfrey-Harris also brings up a very valid point that much of research that has been done in conjunction with black women, it always circles back to single black mothers and there is never acknowledgement of how hard single black mothers work in order to properly care for her home.

After reading The Sisters Are Alright I put the book down feeling refreshed. The book gave me a sense of accomplishment as I stopped and realized that as a young black woman, I have accomplished a lot throughout my career but social stigmas was making me feel less than.

Feeling adequate and knowing that you are alright is one thing that Winfrey-Harris wants women to learn and walk away feeling especially after reading her book.

“I believe (black women) have so much negative propaganda thrown at us. We are not invincible. You can’t help but to feel some of the things society says about us. I think the best thing to knock down some of that is by having strong relationships with other black women.” said Winfrey-Harris.

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