Author, Advocate, Playwright Veronica Loving Shares Her Story on Sexual Assault with New Stage Play “Feeding A Monster”

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Are you aware of how important your voice is when it comes to sexual assault and domestic violence?  

Veronica Loving, Author/Advocate/Playwright is fighting to raise awareness on sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence with her new stage play “Feeding A Monster” during sexual assault awareness month. Loving’s stage play, written by herself, writer La Darrion Williams, and directed by actor Art Evans best known from “Die Hard 2,” is based on Loving and co-author Jazzmine Jackson’s memoir “Feeding A Monster.”

The memoir details Loving’s 21-year marriage to her husband who was a minor-league baseball player. Their marriage took a turn when Loving learned that the man, husband, father and athlete she loved was a sexual assault predator living in her home.   Feeding A Monster is unlike any other book that addresses sexual assault, it follows the dramatic real-life story of Loving and Jackson who were victims of a predator who happened to be the husband and father of the mother and daughter duo. The book describes the abuse inflicted by the man who was to protect, love, and keep them safe. The women in this book speak candidly about their personal experience with sexual assault and other issues such as date rape and domestic violence.  

Feeding A Monster cast includes actress Conisha Wade, actor Doyin Domingo, actress Fayley Patrice, actor DeJuan Christopher, and actor Andre Jefferson. The play addresses the issues of sexual assault, rape, and ultimate betrayal. You will be enthralled in the life of a dynamic family as they spiral through an uncharted journey of self-discovery, love, and forgiveness.

The play is scheduled to show at the HudsonTheater in Los Angeles on April20th through April29th. On April 19th, Loving will extend a preview of the play free of charge to sexual assault and domestic violence organizations as her way of giving back.   

“You definitely want to see this play and learn how you can help someone who’s been affected by sexual assault and domestic violence start the road to physical healing,” says Loving.

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