Athlete Spotlight: Dwayne Booker

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One on one interview with NAIA track national champion and San Bernardino native Dwayne Booker

What school do you attend?

Wayland Baptist University

What is your role on the Wayland track team?

Basically be the leader as the older guy, be a role model, and show them how to go to class.

How did you get to be on the Wayland track team?

Got a call at So Cal finals track meet in 2001 was offered a scholarship after talking to Coach (Brian) Wedlock.

What did it take for you to get to this point in your athletic career?

Being around the right people, having the right people around me, and having support. I do it for my mom, cousins and family. Just seeing them excited, doing it for my supporting cast.

How do you balance your career, your school schedule and your family life?

Of course family comes first, then school and track. Try to balance all of them out, make sacrifices and do my best at them all.

As far as your career what would you say is the greatest support you’ve gotten to reach the success you’ve achieved so far?

Learning that failing isn’t bad, learning from my mistakes. As a runner you’re learning from every race. Like one year I won at Nationals, but I had a slow time, but I broke a school record. Like there’s both sides to every story.

How would you say being from where you’re from has influenced you in what you’re trying to accomplish now?

It meant everything. Like being home is nice but it’s not a great place to be. The Dino (San Bernardino) took care of me, it got me out but I don’t want to live there.

Are there any parts of your journey you wish you could do over again?

No, because it was all worth it. The path I’m on is the right path. It worked out for the best.

What achievements are you most proud of in your track career?

The team title because we all got a piece of the pie. We all got a ring. Only thing different is the names on them.

What are your goals this track season?

Team title, break another school record, stay healthy during outdoor season. I haven’t been healthy these past outdoor seasons so just staying healthy. Hopefully make it to US National Championships.

What do you plan on getting out of your college experience?

Being a better man, being closer to God. That’s all I can ask for. Plus a degree.

What are your plans for life after college?

Hopefully make a couple Olympics, watch my daughter grow. Hopefully a woman will want to deal with me. Show the world more about the sport of track and just take care of my daughter.

What advice would you give to a teenager trying to have an athletic career at the college level?

Of course try to be around the right people. Some days you won’t want to do it and you need someone to push you. You put in championship work and you’ll get championships. You give your effort to the sport and the sport will take care of you.

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