Arkansas Vocalist, Blaire Hastings, Amps for Hope Rally Campaign to Reduce Hate

Since Donald Trump has been in office as President of the United States, the amount of hate crimes and racism has increased. People who have hate throughout their veins and blood, have been getting bolder in their hate crimes against others.

These hate crimes are not just against people of color, but are also ratified towards immigrants and the LGBT community. This is the very reason why Arkansas vocalist, Blaire Hastings, has teamed up with Civil Rights activist, De’Andre Jones, and  Lance D. Reed to host the first annual Hope Rally “Fight Against Hate” which will be held in September 2019 in Arkansas. 

The event will be filled with an array of activities and performances, as well as a keynote address from the Mayor of Centerton, AR, Bill Edwards. The team is currently getting things prepared for the Hope Rally. For those who are activists and want to get involved, email the team at 

Check out the interview below with my interview with Ms. Blaire Hastings as she chatted on the inspiration and plans for Hope Rally. 



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