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America is My Home



Do you consider America to be your home or just the place you happen to live?

September 22 has long been a meaningful date for me and my family. That’s the day, in 1862, when Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

This year, as that date approached, I was listening to one of my all-time favorites, Luther Vandross’s “A House Is Not A Home,” when the question popped into my head: Do I consider America to be my home, or just my house?

I know many in our community feel marginalized-as though America is not the loving, accepting, nurturing place that we often dream of. But, in real life, no homes are idyllic all the time. There are tensions, stresses, arguments and divisions, even in loving families.

So, looking at America with realistic eyes, is it truly my home?

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