Alpha Female: It’s Not An Insult, But a Compliment

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Alpha Female: (noun): A woman who has embraced her leadership ambitions. She is talented, highly motivated, and self-confident.

Most women want an Alpha Male because they know how to take charge! But just because you are with or in pursuit of an Alpha Male doesn’t make you weak as a woman. In fact, you can be an Alpha Female with a Alpha Male.

Some may be thinking, well wait….an Alpha Male and an Alpha Female just sounds like a train wreak waiting to happen because you are merging two very strong personalities. However, relationships require compromise and if these two powerful individuals can compromise fairly, they will be a power couple to be reconked with.

So ladies, how do you know if you are an Alpha Female? Below we have 12 traits of an Alpha Female.

  1. She is pro-woman. She supports feminism and its efforts to bring about the political, economic, cultural, personal, and social equality of women with men.
  2. She cultivates a life she enjoys. She doesn’t stress and she lives life on her own terms, not for others.
  3. She makes her move. If she wants something, she goes afters it. Whether it’s money, taking a trip, starting that business. This woman is a go-getter on all levels.
  4. She doesn’t put herself down. There’s no room for negativity or negative talk or thoughts. She only feeds herself and her mind positive affirmations.
  5. She desires a partner not a boyfriend. She wants to grow with you and alongside you. She knows that she doesn’t need a man in her life, but rather she knows that a man compliments her life.
  6. She calls people out. She’s not afraid to speak her mind because she knows her worth. She also sticks up for what’s right not only for herself, but those in her inner circle.
  7. She knows when to walk away. Life is too short and too great to argue with someone or indulge in pettiness.
  8. She doesn’t compete for attention. You either like her or you don’t. You either want her at the table or she’s creating her own.
  9. She creates her reality. She manifests what she wants and it happens because she knows and believes it will.
  10. She invests in herself. Because she knows she’s worth it.
  11. She dares to go for it.
  12. She knows the life she lives may be intimidating but she lis anyway. Settling isn’t an option.

Source: Business Rules for Women

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