To the INEC we’ve lost over a billion today out of your Ineptitude in coordinating that which you know how to do best. after given assurance in the readiness to conduct election today been 16th February 2019. This cancellation was rumored early this week but you reassured us the date will be kept and not to accept such speculation.

Every of your demands was met to avoid inconvenience in election day, hoping you’re optimistic in your conduct and character. But our collective belief is dealt with that moment the scandalous postponement was announced.

I can attest to the fact that Nigerian INEC chairman Mr mahmood yakubu is an inconclusive civil servant, a man with interior agenda, very dangerous in action. Working in favor of a particular party, his elections has never being successfully conclusive since he assumed office, I think he is hired for a specific task which he can not afford to disappoint his employer.

Mr favoritism, do you think Nigerians will take a second risk of traveling to various destinations just to exercise their franchise, despite the sudden exuberant cost of transportation? Each time we have nationwide program.

Secondly, cancelling an electoral process on the day of election is an insult to the electorates.

You have shown how incompetent you are and no one is confident of your credibility. Because this is fiasco, considering You had 3 years to prepare for this election yet you complained of Logistics while Nigerians were deeply asleep. Apparently to whom much is given much is expected. Leaving Nigerians to waking up with embarrassment in this critical moment we are in need of something to live for can not be forgotten.

A country where penalty is only for the helpless. A country where policies are set for the poor alone. A country where the rule of law is a mediocre. A country where the masses are placed last in scale of preference.

The first line of our National pledge reads “I believe in Nigeria my Country, to be faithful, loyal and Honest” but that belief, faithfulness, loyalty and honesty is lost long time ago. Many do not believe anymore.

You have succeeded in making fool of yourself.

The news about this cancellation came earlier when the masses had not begun traveling, but you chose to call it a rumor and insisted that the election must hold. We live in a society where rumors are always the true story.

You left your ad-hoc staff frustrated as many of them were seen lying outside different LGAs up until 3am.,no accommodation, no logistics.

Im short of words to express my dissatisfaction with the late hour postponement. I hereby query your competence, your credibility and Reliability. If at all we will have free, fair and credible election.

Cancellation of anticipated General election will encourage low turn out whenever the process will take place. This is not ordinarily but viewed to be politically motivated by over ambitious politicians. Who have come to highjack and destabilize the system, working tirelessly with the help of irregularity measures to ensure victory without the due process is election malpractice.

You can postpone election but you can’t postpone destiny.

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