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Thank you so much for your consideration in partnering with us through advertising your business on our platform. It’s all about working together, and we promise to make this a win-win for both our businesses. Click one of the options below to pay for the advertisement agreement price of your choice.

Download our Media Kit/Deck here: Statistics CARD PA

Advertising Options

Digital/Print Publication:


$2500 [wpecpp name=”Magazine Spread” price=”2500.00″ align=”center”]

Full page color ad

$1800 [wpecpp name=”Full page color ad” price=”1800.00″ align=”center”]

B/W Full page ad

$1600 [wpecpp name=”B/W Full page ad” price=”1600.00″ align=”center”]

Half page color ad

$1300 [wpecpp name=”Half page color ad” price=”1300.00″ align=”center”]

B/W page color ad

$1000 [wpecpp name=”B/W page color ad” price=”1000.00″ align=”center”]

Quarter page color ad

$900 [wpecpp name=”Quarter page color ad” price=”900.00″ align=”center”]

Quarter page B/W ad

$750 [wpecpp name=”Quarter page B/W ad” price=”750.00″ align=”center”]

Business card

$300 [wpecpp name=”Business card” price=”300.00″ align=”center”]

Classified listing

$150 [wpecpp name=”Classified listing” price=”150.00″ align=”center”]

Online Advertising:

Top Banner Ad

$2500 [wpecpp name=”Top Banner Ad” price=”2500.00″ align=”center”]

Footer banner

$1500 [wpecpp name=”Footer banner” price=”1500.00″ align=”center”]

Side banner (tall

$1000 [wpecpp name=”Side banner (tall)” price=”1000.00″ align=”center”]

Side banner (square)

$950 [wpecpp name=”Side banner (square)” price=”950.00″ align=”center”]

Sponsored Post:


Includes article writeup,

podcast advertisement,

social media promotion, social

boost and newsletter


[wpecpp name=”Sponsored Post” price=”3500.00″ align=”center”]

Newsletter & Social Media Promotion

$200 [wpecpp name=”Newsletter & Social Media Promotion ” price=”200.00″ align=”center”]


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