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Want to advertise with us? If you want to do website advertising and/or public relations services, please view our media kit below. You can also purchase a la carte services, as seen below. For advertising, there is a non-refundable, down payment fee before we can start advertising services. The reminder of the costs will be due in full as per your contract.

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Press Releases

We offer a write-up of a general press release, as well as distribution of that press releases to media outlets (radio, print and TV) that matches the demographic of your campaign, as well as the location that you are in.

Press Release

Social Promotion

We offer social media promotions for brands and businesses that want to do advertising, but may not have a huge budget. Your social post will be spread across our site, directory listing, and/or IG stories. Social promotion is $40.

Video Production

If you just need someone to shoot your project with minimal to no editing, then we can come out and shoot the footage for you. As of right now, we do not do in-house editing, but when we add editing on to our services, we will include that in your video production package.


Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another great form of advertising and marketing for businesses and brands that do not have a huge marketing budget, but that want more promotion than just a social post. We can either write the article for you or you may write it up, with our editing of course, and then we’ll go from there. All sponsored posts come with social promotion.

Sponsored Posts

Book Editing

Have a book that you need edited? We have reasonable and fair pricing based on the amount of pages. The turnaround time depends on the length of the book, but except an average time of between two to four weeks.

Number of Pages

Promotional Links

If your brand as a small budget but you want your brand to be linked to an article, then a promotional link may be suitable for you. Your link will be used in an article on our site of your choosing with the particular phrase in that article that you want your brand or business linked to. Promotional links are $75.