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Advanced Consulting, Inc. Seeks to Add First Black Owned Hotel & Resort on Atlantic City Boardwalk

Calling on Oprah, Robert Smith, Michael Jordan, Robert Johnson, Denzel Washington, Floyd Mayweather on the Biggest Investment in Black America For Diversity

Advanced Consulting, Inc. is looking to put a Hotel/ Resort & Business School on its well-known Boardwalk, becoming the first minority owned hotel ever on the boardwalk. The firm will look to establish the greatest atmosphere in Atlantic City with a focus on a non-gambling resort that offers unique restaurants and entertainment experiences that won’t be like anything currently offered on the Boardwalk. The hotel will be stylish with an international appeal not seen in some time in Atlantic City.

In a city that’s majority African American it’s time we give them and the world Black excellence for all ethnic groups to embrace. 

Advanced Consulting Chief Executive Officer Gem Lake is calling on everyone to invest, individuals, investors, athletes’ celebrities who ever can make an investment it will be a great business decision while making history with solid returns on investment.

The structure allows a profit split from hotel room stays producing monthly returns along with all the benefits of owning beach front property as an investor.

Investments Options Also Include:

  • 2 Retail Stores
  • 10 Restaurants
  • Beauty Salon
  • Private Club
  • Beach Bar

They have all but completed the funding and are looking to raise an additional 12 Million.

The structure behind the hotel gives them over 70,000 Sqft of office space launching our business school University of Greatness. This school will teach business skills, opening small businesses, incubator for technology, marketing, entertainment careers while being offered for free. (Investment in Community)

Atlantic City is incredible, crime has dropped 44% over the last 2 years, Moody has increased the City’s credit rating, over a billion dollars in new development over this year, and the market has made an incredible turn for the predominately African American city.

Lake said, it’s an opportunity for all to invest in diversity while investing in themselves. 

With the amount of space, they are able to bring in a farmer’s market to an area that doesn’t have a grocery store using our additional parking lot that sits unused blocks behind the hotel in a separate area to provide quality produce and healthy living for the residents of Atlantic City. Smart economics is good business and good social development for the people the business will serve.

For more information or to invest, please contact Charles Omar Sutton at [email protected] or (516) 226-8308. You can also visit

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