Actress Vivica Fox brings a fresh flavor and perspective to the female workaholic in new book “Every Day I’m Hustling”

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More recently I decided to take a hiatus from everyday life including work, friends, family and my passion and love—writing. In my quest to find a more peaceful life and balance, I decided to start reading books that would inspire me to get back on balance of everyday life. I read a plethora of books including Vivica Fox’s latest book, “Every Day I’m Hustling.”

As a fellow Indianapolis native, I was beyond excited and stoked to read Fox’s book to not only support a hometown girl, but to also read her perspective on the importance of hard work. While I was pleasantly surprised on the upbringing of Fox, I was also happy to hear the Soul Food actress make mention of many things Indianapolis!

In reading just the first few paragraphs in the introduction of the book, it was very apparent early on that Fox is one of the hardest working actresses in Hollywood. Some of her acting credits include Independence Day, Empire, Soul Food, Two Can Play that Game, among other films, television series and stage plays. Alongside her journey in Hollywood, Fox also shares intimate details in her personal life that ultimately led her on the journey to becoming the woman fans all across the globe has come to love.

In true Vivica fashion, nothing is off limits in this book. The acclaimed actress tackled everything including her regrets on not having children to her very publicized relationship with Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent.

One thing in particular that I love about Fox is her honest candor and realness. Reading her book will truly leave you with a lasting impression as if Fox is truly family.

In addition to sharing personal details of her life, Fox offers DIY tips and tools to the every day hustle and grind of life. She shares her most valuable life lessons that led to her uprise in Hollywood all the way to simple DIY recipes that anyone can do including myself who is challenged in the area of cooking.

While Fox will motivate you to start your new journey, she also reminds you that success is not going to come easy, and you simply have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work and keep on working until you see the results you desire.

“Every Day I’m Hustling” not only taught me the value of hard work, it also taught me that anything worth having does not come easy. I applaud Fox for her honesty, DIY tips and her true to the game tips maneuvering your way into Hollywood for those who desire a career in Hollywood.

Fox’s new book is a definite recommendation for every young adult looking to prosper in their career, love life, friendships and even finances. Even if you’re not an avid reader, the book is certainly worth a read

“Every Day I’m Hustling” is now available everywhere books are sold and can also be purchased as an Audible for those who prefer to listen to books while on the go.

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