Since being started in 2016, THE COALITION FOR BLACK SUCCESS has been proud to serve the Detroit, Michigan community. They are committed to not only providing quality products and services but also going above and beyond to ensure our Youth are mentored and put on the right path to success.

I recently interviewed the man behind the brand, Joseph Tompkins, where he chatted more about his inspirations behind starting it. Check it out below:

Can you tell myself and readers about yourself?

My name is Joseph Tompkins and I was born in Detroit, Michigan on May 29th, 1991 to a single mother named Linda Collins. Growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the world I witnessed a crime and struggled at a young age. My family was never stable financially so I was always either getting put out of a house or staying with someone else to keep a roof over my head but through all of that, I managed to always fall back on school. My grades were always near the top for the class and I knew someday my grades and school activities would be my ticket to a better life.

After graduating from Cody High School I was granted the opportunity to attend Michigan State University where I majored in Business but I knew I had more to give the world so halfway through my freshman year I signed up for the United States Army where I spent eight years traveling the world and serving my county while still taking classes to achieve my dreams of success. After returning home I had a rough time adjusting to life and ultimately became homeless and mostly broke on a monthly bases but I didn’t give up. Through the grace of God giving me a second chance I got back on my feet and was Blessed with two beautiful children named Aiden and Ayanna after having them I vowed that I would do my best to help people never have to experience hunger and homelessness like I did and that’s where the seed for Black Success was first planted.

Growing up and still to this day who are you your mentors? How did they impact your life?

Growing up I always felt like the outsider of the family so I looked to books for my role models two of my favorites going up where Malcolm x and Huey P. Newton but as I grew older I really started getting to know myself mentally and spiritually so my role models changed to people like Will Smith, Bishop T.D Jakes and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan these men helped me elevate my mind, body, and soul to a new level of peace that I use to this day to motivate the next of generation of Kings and Queens.

When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur and social justice warrior?

In 2014 while going through the roughest moment of my life, I came up with the Coalition for Black Success I had no idea how I was going to do it but I knew from the time I came up with the name that it was my purpose in life but a combination of financial issues and fear stopped me for 4 years from actually starting the business until one day I just had enjoy of not being fulfilled in life and told that I didn’t wanna leave this world without giving Coalition for Black Success a real shot so I took all the money I had a just started putting the pieces in place little did I know every time I took a step God blessed me to do more and more and my business started to grow.

You initially started a non-profit called the coalition for Black Success, what’s the goal and purpose of your organization?

The Coalition for Black Success is a company dedicated to not just clothing/fashion but also education, mentoring and the progression of multiple communities. Through this movement, I hope to inspire the next generation to follow their hearts and to never quit until they achieve their dreams.

What inspired you to start this organization?

Coming from a poverty-stricken neighborhood I always wanted to create an organization that actually did something to help the issues we all dealt with and not just talk about it and through multiple partners in happy to say that I’m completing that goal but I have so much more work I wanna do.

You also have a second organization/business called Black Success Clothing, how did you get the idea to start a clothing line as well?

I created Black Success Clothing to help finance my other business so that I would be able to do more for the public and also sponsor more events in the community. Little did I know black success clothing would take off like a rocket from day one and constantly be sold out since. It’s truly a blessing.

How many products and accessories does your brand currently produce?

Black Success Clothing has a number of products that consist of T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats and plenty more new items coming down the pipeline real soon.

Another great achievement of yours is being a member of for(bes) the culture, how has the movement impacted and changed your life so far?

Being selected to be apart of For(bes) the culture has truly made my life and business go full circle. It gives me the opportunity to rub shoulders with America elite business owners. We learn and grow from each other each and every day.

In the foreseeable future, how do you see for(bes) the culture organization and movement changing the culture?

The future of the culture is limitless we are always building and learning from each other and membership is growing I can see nothing but greatness coming from the culture and the black success movement.

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer to our readers?

Mediocrity comes to those who wait, Great Comes to those who pursue it.

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