Activist Couple, Rufus and Jenny, Inspire and Teach Others How to Survive in Marriage

Marriage is a journey, probably one of the most cherished journeys. It takes work to make it last forever, but when you’re doing life with your partner in crime/best friend, it makes the ride worth while. Activist couple, Rufus and Jenny have been inspiring others in their marriage journeys with their book “Surviving Marriage”. I recently caught up with the couple for a quick interview. Check out the interview below:

Can you please tell myself and the reader’s about yourself?

We are a husband and wife team that are authors, business consultants and activists.

Growing up and still till this day who inspires you?

We are inspired by those that have come before us that have opened doors for us to be able to do what we do, such as – Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou and Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.

You two are very active and entrepreneurial. When did you realize you were meant to change the world?

We have a responsibility to those that are coming behind us. When we see a lack of information or injustices, we have a responsibility to leave this world a little better than when we entered it.

What influenced you to get into prison reform and recidivism reduction?

We have several family members on both sides that have experienced injustices with the system. Between the both of us, we currently have at least six family members that are incarcerated. When it affects you and your family you get involved.

How did the idea of writing a book first cross your attention?

Jenny has always aspired to write books and be in that arena. Being a storyteller from a young age, there’s always a story inside of you. We haven’t written that Oprah Book Club book yet, but hold on, it’s coming.

What is like being in front of the spotlight doing a television show? Please tell us about your show and the message your delivering.

Our TV Show, Lifestyles with Rufus & Jenny, is our view of life from relationships to travel, all while maintaining our African-American, Muslim perspective. We are such a marginalized demographic that people think we are a phenomenon. We give people an inside view to our lives.

Can you tell us about your podcast/radio show and the topics you cover?

Our radio show, The Prisonworld Radio Hour, is celebrating nine years of broadcasting. We talk about hot topics, relationships, prison issues, mass incarceration, social injustices and a few celebrity interviews. We talk about what’s relevant.

What words of wisdom can you give to my millennial generation?

We want the millennials to get back to marriage and family and build. If they ever research their ancestors it was always about marriage, family and building something for themselves. If we can get back to that, we can thrive as a people.

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