Abortions in Alabama

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This week took us back in time, to a place where a woman’s body was no longer her own. The governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, signed the controversial band restricting all abortions in the state, unless necessary to prevent risk to the mother’s health.

The law imposes a criminal threat resulting in a felony charge and up to 99 years in prison if broken.  Follow me here as I take you from one extreme to yet another.

In January 2019, New York passed a full-term abortion law legalizing the procedure up until birth. Essentially murdering a healthy, living, breathing child right out of the womb beyond the risk to the mother’s health. Based on common hardships like finances, emotions or bad timing.  Iowa is banning abortions once a heartbeat is detected, which can occur as early as 6-weeks pregnant.

These laws are taking place in other states, just not to these extremes. Be forewarned things are quickly changing nationally and taking a turn.  The fight is on between conservative states vs. immoral ones.

Is this a fight for life and rights, or a power play to control the masses and set the stage for a New World Order?  These tactics will undoubtedly lead this generation and the next into chaos and condemnation.

Driving and demeaning women of all ages to have illegal abortions in back alleys, by unlicensed doctors, causing death by unregulated and botched procedures.  The unforeseen blow to women will be catastrophic, leaving them to deal with unforeseen consequences of mental illness as depression and spiritual brokenness, for a quick fix to what they view as a problem in the heat of a moment. 

As a Christian, all this is disheartening but comes to no surprise. As a woman, I shutter at the thought and loss of women’s rights and innocent lives.  Choices and mandated ideas being thrown at their minds. 

What’s next, will they be banning sex? After all, it’s the act that creates life.


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Christy Angelette is part of the Generation X generation. She is a mother of three amazing sons and is a southern Queen born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is an advocate for mental health and destigmatizing mental illness. She also has a published book entitled, “Unbalanced”, a fact and fictional book on matters of mental health, abuse, toxic relationships and healing. It is available via Amazon, Google, iTunes and Barnes and Nobel.

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