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A Sista’s Blood Just Don’t Get No Love

It’s been too many days, got people walkin’ round in a haze…you get charged for wonton disregard for the life of someone else but Breonna was the one whose life was snuffed out, so what…her life doesn’t count?

Blood, sweat and tears scattered over the years…adding fuel to the fire, gaslighting white suburbian jeers, while they continue to discredit and disregard all Black peoples fears and what I am constantly reminded of…is that a sista’s blood just don’t get no love.

You can defend yourself but I can’t, that’s why Black Lives Matter is what we chant, wonton disregard for everyone else, their lives were placed above everything else. No knock…did you knock, what’s it all about, an another innocent Black woman was taken out.

45 feels justified upholding all the lies, he could give two shits when a Black person dies. 45 says that Black people are to blame for this inhumane treatment, well imma vote his ass out cuz I’m not in agreement.

Protest and unrest putting our humanity to the test, over and over again our people are treated like they’re less, putting holes in us, while you’re protected by bullet proof vests!

Turn the protest into power, we’ve reached the 11th hour…stand your ground. One shot fired compared to your 32, stand your ground unless you’re Black, so what are we supposed to do?

Our anger and frustration pours into the street, unspeakable pain as we stand to our feet, bending but unbreakable even in the midst of defeat, our strength unparalleled…we will not be beat. As I think about all the things that have happened, the only thing I continue to think of…is that a sista’s blood just don’t get no love!


  • C.K. McGhee

    C.K. McGhee is a woman of faith who believes in nurturing her spiritual relationship with God in order to be her best and to give her best. She hails from New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley, which is just north of New York City. Having been diagnosed with Major Depressive and Anxiety Disorder twenty years ago, she is concerned with bringing awareness to the Mental Health crisis in America; specifically focused on The African-American community. She believes that not only are her struggles with mental health a testimony for someone else who may be struggling but that it’s the very foundation for her advocacy platform; to inspire, motivate and inform others that there is life despite mental health challenges. Her signature phrase, “Here’s to brighter days”, maintains a steadfast hope that all of the voices that have been silenced by stigma, will be supported to speak their truth, knowing and understanding the value of their lives; walking in purpose towards their brighter days!

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