A Mother’s Day Tribute: Mother’s Jewels with You Had Me At Black, CultTV

One of the most precious people on this earth are mothers, and because its Mother’s Day and we’re all about partnerships, we have decided to share a two-part special from our friends over at You Had Me At Black. They did a special called, “Mother’s Jewels” with CultTV. 

Mother’s Jewels is a two-part reflective series in collaboration with CultTV which explores how Black mothers pour into their children. The intergenerational lessons they draw from (or reject), and the life experiences they lean on.

They asked eleven women, “What’s a conversation you had with your mom, and one you didn’t have, that you couldn’t wait to have with your children?” These are their stories.

Experience Part Two of this series, at www.youhadmeatblack.com/mothersday18. Check out the video and podcast below:


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