A Few Things We’re Learning from ‘Empire’, as a Black Community

Whether you love (like most) or hate Empire, it cannot be denied that it has been one of top viewed sitcoms watched this season, not to mention the season finale broke records in views—it has been topping Scandal, sorry Kerry, we still love you though. Anyways, throughout watching the show there are several things that we can learn, as a Black community, about the show besides just getting pure entertainment and enjoyment out of it. So here we go:

Mental illness is real and not something to ignore.

Within the Black community, mental illness has been ignored or disregarded as something that we just don’t talk about. However, we all probably have someone in our family that suffers from the illness, whether it be that they are bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc. The illness needs to be talked about and we need to have more awareness campaigns in our community because most of the homeless that we see in OUR communities suffer from some type of mental disability and they are just dumped in the streets as if they are dogs. Not cool. Empire is definitely a start to opening that door that we for so long tried to keep shut.

Homosexuality among Black men is becoming more relevant.

This has been another taboo in the Black community. Our young Black men, and women mostly men though, that are homosexual always feel intimated to come out to their family because of rejection. Yes, we may not agree with the decisions that they choose to make, but in no way is it our right or business to shove ignorant phases down their throat to make them change their lifestyles. At the end of the day we are to love them because they are still our family members and/or friends.

For fathers with homosexual sons, we understand that you are scared for how the world will treat them, but just because a man may be gay does not mean he is weak, and at the end of the day a person’s choices and lifestyles, only affects them, not us. So let them live their lives.

Love and business…yeah still not quite a good idea in certain situations.

There is nothing wrong with working with your significant other but just know what boundaries to cross and not to cross. Leave your emotions at the door and do not discuss or let personal or past emotions (if it’s an ex you’re dealing with at work) in the work place. It just causes for drama. Also, don’t assume that just because you have a love connection or are married to someone in management that you will get what you want when you want. Doesn’t work that way, Business is business in the office.

Sometimes leaving things to your children isn’t always the best idea.

As business owners you want to eventually leave your business to your child to run the future, BUT you must choose the best one if you have several children and that one should be the most business savvy and professional. If you don’t know who to choose, them divide the business up to where they each own a portion of it.

“Musicals” in sitcoms can be very entertaining, if done the right way.

Not going to lie, before Empire I hated songs in sitcoms or movies because it seemed to “stagey” to me. For example, “Glee”, I watched maybe one episode and it was just too much. But Empire is different. The songs in the sitcom all tell a story and there is a good balance of drama, a storyline, and music. Nothing drowns the other out.

Forgiveness can be easy, but it starts with forgiving yourself first.

Empire has several scenarios where someone had to forgive someone. For those who follow suit, you know that the show is based around a family Empire, and with family there is always problems. But one thing always remains is the love for one another and not wanting to see each other hurt. So to get to that point you have to work those issues out with yourself and get you right in order to ensure that your family is right, which goes into the last point.

To love others, you must first learn to love yourself.

Once you love yourself, you are able to love others in the way they should be loved. You are able to see past their flaws and recognize their God given talents. Now you are able to work together to great greatness.

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