A Backwards Nation…nah it is just failing to move forward

Many once said history will repeat itself if we do not know any better. Yes we might have made some progress since the Civil Rights Movement, but we have a ways to go still and it is evident with the recent hate crimes in both Haiti and in Charleston, South Carolina.

I have seen post after post stating, ” What is wrong with this world? We keep taking steps backwards.” When in all actuality we were never at a certain point. The world had remained stagnant at a certain point after the Civil Rights Movement and because we have been living in the last days for some years now we are just seeing more things come up light. We are seeing hate crimes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

As an alumni of a HBCU and going to school in the South, I know firsthand of how racism is still alive in well. Back in 2008 when President Obama won presidency for his first term, while we were cheering and partying on the victory within the Atlanta University Center, just a couple of hours away at my ex-boyfriend’s campus there were riots. He was in the part of Georgia that is still very much a confederate ran area. People were taking cardboard mocks up of President Obama and hanging it from the trees. He couldn’t believe his eyes and he was infuriated.

The Charleston church shooting reminds of when those four little girls were killed when their church was bombed. The issue may have not been as severe, but is very much so on the same lines. A hate crime is a hate crime, and it keeps occurring. The only difference now is that back then, these people committing the crimes were getting away with it. No prison time or anything. Now we can say at least there is some justice being served. It may not be what we want. As a Black race we want to see these people committing the crimes serving the death penalty.  When they just get sentenced to just a few years, and MAYBE life in prison, many of us think, “Wait, that’s all they get!” But at least NOW some of them are getting life sentences or a several years to rot away in prison. Small, VERY small progress is being made but because the system is so screwed up, we still have A LONG ways to go to fix the system. The minds of these people have to be changed in order for the system to change. It’s like they have a generational curse. Hatred was passed down to them from their ancestors that were slave masters and such.

So when HATE is all someone knows how do we change his or her mindset?

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Naomi K. Bonman is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where she holds her Bachelors of Arts in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism. She also holds her Masters of Public Administration. She is the Founder and CEO of Awakened Media Enterprises, Inc. which owns Purposely Awakened. She has been in the media field since 2006 covering beats that range from social justice, community, entertainment, sports, fashion/beauty, and culture news.

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