9-Year Old Entrepreneur is Making the World Beautiful With Her Vegan Nail Polish

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“Your nails are the window into your health; take care of them.”

Saniyya Hunt, is the 9 year-old CEO and chief creator of Sassy G, LLC. Sassy G is a 10-free, vegan polish and all natural nail care system. She believes that one of the best ways to increase self-confidence is to spread kindness and have beautifully manicured nails. That is why she created this company.

Through her business, Saniyya encourages young girls to be confident, healthy and poised through the care and keeping of their hands. Some of the ways that her company is making an impact in the community are by:

  • Encouraging compassion and kindness through community involvement

  • Cutting down on the spread of germs by educating young girls on the importance of proper nail hygiene.

  • Providing a fun and vibrant alternative to the commercial products containing the harsh toxins and chemicals found in most nail polish and nail care systems.

  • Tackling the issue of self-confidence among young girls through beautifully manicured nails.

Not only is this young lady making her mark on entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, she is leading the way in social service as well. She is the founder and captain of the Sassy Squad, a group of young girls who provide free manicures to residents of nursing homes and facilities of the developmentally disabled. 

When she is not working, Saniyya loves to prank her sisters, choreograph dance routines and perform science experiments. She believes that the best way to build self-confidence is to be kind and have pretty nails!

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