7 little ways to say “I Love You”

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By Arron Hiddleston

Expressing your love to someone can be done in many different ways other than just saying “I love you”. Maybe it’s not the right time for those words or you’ve already said that to each other and you want to show your love in a different way. Luckily, love has always been a part of human nature and throughout the history of mankind men and women always strived to find new ways to say those three magic words.

Sadly, not everyone has it easy. Some people are just born creative and can always come up with cute little gestures to show their love to someone. Some are shy or just can’t think of anything other than those three words. That is why we have decided to put together a small list of seven creative ways of expressing love so that even shy people can surprise their loved ones.

Leave a note

Before we talk about more demanding ways of expressing love, try leaving a simple note. For example, if you are leaving for work before your partner, leave them a note on the table with “Good morning” on it. This will show that you are thinking about them. Also, if you are traveling spare some time to write a postcard with a simple message on it like “Thinking of you”. There is nothing cuter than showing your loved one that they are on your mind, even if you are away.

Make them breakfast

A perfect add-on to the “Good morning” note is a freshly made breakfast. Preparing someone a meal is considered an act of love. There is no need to break your back preparing an overly complicated meal. Eggs and bacon, their favorite salad or even a simple sandwich are enough for them to know that you care for them. Plus, everybody knows that food tastes better if it’s prepared with love.

Buy them a bunch of their favorite candy

This is a textbook example of showing your love without having to say those three words. Everybody loves candy. Your job is to know what their favorite ones are and buy a lot of them. It is even better if you can get some seasonal candy that isn’t available throughout the whole year. The surprise is going to be even bigger if you get them their favorite Valentine’s day gifts that they have been craving for the whole year.

Plan an adventure

Going on an adventure is always a good idea. If you and your partner are busy with work, then there is no better way to show them how much you care. Plan everything yourself so they don’t have to bother with it and just surprise them when the weekend comes. The type of adventure is your choice as you know your partner better than anyone else, but some of our recommendations include skydiving, camping or something less extreme like going to a farm or vineyard.

Encourage them to be them

Being who you are is very important to everyone so don’t try to change your partner. Everybody has some quirks and weaknesses. If you want to let your partner know how much you love them, then learn to enjoy those weird little things they do. If you can’t, then maybe they are not for you.

Get to know their friends

Your friends are important to you and so should your partner`s. We know that you don’t choose their friends and that you might not like every single one of them. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn`t try to really get to know them. Maybe some of them turn out interesting and fun. This will not only help you when he or she takes you to some parties, but it will also mean a lot to them.

Make them a nice and relaxing bath

Finally, there is nothing better than having a warm bath filled with aromatic scents and bath salts waiting for them after a hard day’s work. Trust us, that’s every partner`s dream. The work stress will immediately fade away and you will be the hero. Who knows, maybe you will be invited to join in.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless but keep in mind that expressing your love is something personal and only you know what makes your partner happy. We hope that you got some ideas from our article and that they will help you plan a surprise for your man or woman. Also, try to show your love as much as possible, don’t wait for anniversaries and other special occasions to run them a bath or organize an adventure.







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