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3 Benefits of Unplugging from Social Media

How many hours a day do you spend on social media? According to multiple surveys and stats Americans spend anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day on a social media platform or messaging app.

Even when looking at my battery usage, I found that social media was the main culprit of my battery consumption. Seeing how much time I spent on things such as Instagram and how it took away from other projects I needed to complete, I decided to do a “social media cleanse” for 2 weeks. Here are three benefits I got from it:


Spent More Time Doing Self-care

Anyone that knows me personally knows I’m BIG on anything self-care whether it be yoga, meditation, or something as small as sleeping. The 2 to 4 hours I spent on social media went towards self-care. This helped raise my awareness to sort out A LOT of bad habits that I needed to get rid of.

LivingIn The Moment

2 weeks away from social media showed me that everything I do doesn’t have to be a post on Instagram. I didn’t have to worry about what filter went with a photo or what hashtags described a moment best. I was able to enjoy the moment and the people around me that made it special.

Focused On My Goals

Social media has always been a way for me to keep up with colleagues and their endeavors. But at some point, it put me in a toxic place. I would keep up with the accomplishments and goals of others, but procrastinated on mine. That’s what pushed me the most to unplug. Only I can make my dreams a reality. And playing the comparison game was not getting me anywhere.


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    LaTosha Ann Hogan was born and raised on the west side of Chicago and currently lives in Evanston.She is a nationally registered paramedic by profession. Latosha is a yogi, meditator, reiki level 1 practitioner, and poet/spoken word artist. She is a self-love advocate. She believes that in order for us to grow and thrive as POC we must first learn to “love yo self”.

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