20 Keys to a Healthy and Long Lasting Relationship

In life everyone wants to feel loved, they want that someone to love them back the same way that they love that person. People crave and seek to be in a relationship. Technology and social media has made it easier for people to find love; you have the hundreds of dating websites and dozens of speed dating events and mixers going on around town.

Once someone gets the relationship, he or she has to work to keep that relationship. Relationships are a wonderful thing, but they are hard work and there are a few steps to follow through to ensure that you are ready to be in a relationship.

  1. Keep the friendship alive throughout the relationship. Your mate should be your BEST FRIEND.

  2. Love Each other. Don’t get into a relationship with someone who you don’t care for or don’t love.

  3. Keep the communication open. You should be able to talk about ANYTHING with your mate, which is where TRUST comes to play.

  4. Stay with your partner through the good and bad. Every relationship is going to run into issues, but don’t run away because a problem arises, work together to fix that problem. Plus sometimes it is better to work things out than to start the dating phase all over with someone new. If it’s a simple problem, such as a miscommunication issue, this more than likely can be worked out. When your feelings are hurt, talk about it with one another and learn to FORGIVE and FORGET.

  5. DO NOT compare each other to exes. This one of the most hurtful things that someone can do to someone new. When you tell your new beau that they are reminding you of an ex, it can be emotionally hurtful to her or him. No one wants to be compared to someone else, especially when they are a better person to you than your ex was.

  6. Never say “its okay” and its not. Be truthful at all times.

  7. Set your PRIDE aside. Nobody is perfect, plus the best thing about getting to know one another is seeing each other’s flaws and loving that person even more. Who wants a Barbie doll anyways?

  8. If you are  say sorry mean it. Don’t hold grudges.

  9. When making a promise, keep it. If you guys scheduled to meet or talk, DO NOT cancel on the last minute. This makes you look like a FLAKE, and no one wants to deal with someone who FLAKES all the time. Save the excuses.

  10. Don’t compare your past to your present. Point blank.

  11. Learn the Give and take process.

  12. Be aware of each other’s feelings. Show that you care.

  13. When you have an argument, don’t let the day pass without being fine. Make up and move on.

  14. Don’t be the PERFECT one. Be the RIGHT one.

  15. Whatever you did to get the relationship, keep doing it. For example, if you cooked for mate in the beginning don’t get lazy and stop, continue to cook for each other throughout the relationship.

  16. Keep other people out of your business. Point blank.

  17. Keep date nights alive. To keep a healthy relationship, you should at least have a date night with your significant other at least once a month.

  18. Don’t ever get to busy for each other. Yes you both work and have hectic schedules, but if you know you are not going to see each other all day until you both lay your heads down on that pillow, by all means pick up the phone and call or text each other at least once or twice throughout the day so that you know the other person is alright.

  19. DO NOT let text messages overrule the relationship. From experience this is the NUMBER 1 cause for break up that could have been prevented if a phone call was set in place. You can text through a problem, you MUST call and verbally discuss the issue to resolve it. Point Blank.

  20. And lastly, keep GOD in the center of the relationship at ALL times. HE is the other person who is allowed to be in your relationship. If it weren’t for Him you wouldn’t have the love of your life. A family that prays together stays together. Remember that.

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