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15-Year-Old Minor Girl in State Custody Molested at Vassar Residential Campus by Employee

Mother Announces Her Notice of Intent to File a Lawsuit Against Facility

In November 2018 Shiree Ezell learned that her minor 15-year-old daughter had been sexually abused by a female employee at Vassar Residential Campus in Vassar, Michigan.  Last week, Shiree’s daughter was released from state custody and is now living at home.  The sexual abuse began when her daughter was only 15-years-old and she was molested on numerous occasions over a period of time. 

Shiree Ezell is calling for the immediate arrest and conviction of the woman that sexually abused her daughter, and for a State investigation into the residential facilities.   Shiree Ezell has retained civil rights attorney Jasmine Rand, Esquire of Rand Law, L.L.C. and attorney Maurice Davis, Esquire to fight for justice for her daughter.  Rand is best known for her representation of the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and Davis is a well-known Michigan injury attorney.

Shiree Ezell states: “The state had a duty to protect my daughter and it failed.  My daughter went to Vassar Residential Campus so she could get the help she needed; instead she was sexually abused.  I can’t be silent knowing this happened to my daughter and knowing that this has happened to other children in the residential facility.  There are other little girls who may still be there right now who are afraid and feel alone.  I would encourage them to speak up.  I would encourage their parents to speak up.  I want them to know they are not alone.”

Attorney Jasmine Rand states: “Our client had the right to be free of sexual abuse while in state custody.  The law seeks to hold sexual predators like R. Kelly accountable, but the law has to hold itself accountable too.  Our state agencies have to be held accountable for allowing our children to become the sexual prey of the predators roaming around State institutions.  Our client wasn’t sexually abused once.  She wasn’t sexually abused twice.  She was sexually abused numerous times over an extended period of time on the State’s watch.  My client was not the only child sexually abused in the residence but I hope she will be the last.” Attorney Maurice Davis states: “Today our office will file the Notice of Intent to Sue Vassar Residential Campus for failing to intervene and protect my client’s 15-year-old daughter from being sexually abused and battered while in their custody.  The sexual child abuse of minor children has no place in our state housing and correctional facilities.  We will fight to ensure to protect the rights of our client and other children in state custody.  We encourage any other victims to step forward and we will fight for you just like we are fighting for our client.”

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