10 Female Entrepreneurs Share How They Made it in the Business World

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A woman is only helpless until her nail polish dries. Ladies from all over the world prove this witty saying every day. Of course, success doesn’t come without hard work and dedication, but keep reading – in the rest of this article, some of the most successful female entrepreneurs share their stories on how to make it big in the sometimes cruel business world. Their motivation and perseverance serve as a great example for anyone looking to start something new on their own and change their life around.

Paula Fry – problems are just masked opportunities

Paula has worked for years with finances but once she felt that her true calling lies within the world of fashion, she opened her own shop to sell vintage clothing bits and pieces. Paula says that without hard work and discipline you simply cannot even begin to get closer to your goal. So, she worked long hours and didn’t even rest during the holidays. The moment she realized how many other independent business owners in the same market have trouble making the ends meet, an idea for Fashionseeker, a website that would gather all the fashion boutiques and direct the buyers to them, was born.


Janice Bryant Howroyd – believe in your own power to succeed

With just $1500, Janice started an employment staffing firm back in 1978. At first she had a lot of problems to attract the clientele, but her dedication to the job got her to where she is now. She was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 while her once small firm, ACT-1, is now one of the largest businesses in US with numerous nationwide branches.

Eli Trier – do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

Eli had a lot of trouble dealing with her regular day job before she realized what her dream job is. It took a lot of courage, effort and motivation to keep going with her idea of drawing illustrations for different clients and purposes, but all the energy she put into marketing herself finally paid off. She still says that she cannot believe that she is getting paid to draw. Her advice for anyone who simply doesn’t feel satisfied with current career to look deep into oneself and discover their ideal job as well as pursue it without fear.

Tina Wells – seize the present

In 1996, Tina founded the Buzz Marketing Group and used her talent and keen eye for discovering what the youth likes and finds interesting to help other companies expand their target audience. Her firm uses social networking to the fullest while working with some great names such as Nike and MAC Cosmetics. Incredible as she already is, she even found the time to write the book Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right.

Shauna Reid – seeing the dream

Like many other women out there, Shauna struggled with her looks and dieting. Even when she felt her body was healthy she couldn’t get over the fear she had about running actively. When she wrote about this problem on her blog, a coach from Italy reached out to her and soon after they ran 5k race together. Inspired by this experience and sudden change in mindset, the two of them launched Up & Running, a website that helps women from all over the world discover their inner athlete.

Andresa Guidelli – confidence is the key

Moving from Brazil to the US and starting a real estate company wasn’t easy, but Andresa managed to do what seemed impossible. While she admits that real estate business can be a harsh environment for women, she still claims that everything can be done with strong confidence, hard work and will to learn more. Precisely these attributes lead to efficient and profitable house flipping and fixing and now she is a successful business owner of Corsa Home Solutions.

Leanna Archer – do not wait for tomorrow what you can do today

Those who think that there is such a thing as too young to be a business entrepreneur should think again since Leanna started her Leanna Inc. hair line of organic and all natural shampoos and hair masks when she was only 11 years old! Not only did she start her own business but she managed to earn a large amount of money as well.

Clarissa Wilson – listen to the voice inside you

Clarissa got her wakeup call during one night when the fire started in her building and the alarm simply didn’t go off. She realized that she does not want to spend her life stuck at a dead-end job and decided to seek freedom. She found that freedom in helping others with energy healing and slowly expanded her business to companies and other business entrepreneurs as well, now helping not only individuals get back on their feet but whole companies too!


Shonda Rhimes – think big and dream big

One of the biggest names in Hollywood, Shonda Rhimes, is a respected writer and producer. As a creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal, her talent launched her into the stars, proving that constantly working on yourself, seeking improvement and finding joy in what you do best are some of the key ingredients for writer’s success.

Lavanya Madras Purushothaman – challenges make you stronger

Women and technology definitely mix well. Lavanya founded her business, ATS Solutions in 2014. The company deals with data, programming, design, IT services and so much more. Her firm already offers consulting services to numerous businesses and companies. And she works alone!

Feel inspired to take a step into the world of entrepreneurship yet? Nothing is impossible when you combine your biggest dreams and maximum effort. Be the best you can be and the world will follow.

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