The Top Colors to Wear this Winter

Winter is almost around the corner, which means that we’ll finally get to enjoy a plethora of wonderful colors typical of the festive season. Ten amazing shades were declared to be this year’s fall shades by the Pantone Color Institute; however, some of them stood out with their quality of being wearable even in winter combos. Here are three of them you’ll gladly choose this season, so check them out!

Aurora Red sweater weather

Being one of the warmest and most sensual reds you have ever seen, Aurora Red is certainly one of the hottest colors you simply have to wear this season. It’s very dynamic and exciting, which makes it perfect for your festive outfit – it gives life to every clothing combo! It is not as bold as burgundy, and not as vibrant as scarlet – but a flawless mixture of the two, which gives it a mysterious, vigorous vibe. Incorporate it into your holiday outfit by choosing a nice, cozy sweater in this shade – such a combo is perfect for a family gathering. It will instantly brighten up the room and make you feel special. The best way to pull it off is matching a sweater in Aurora Red with a button-down in a neutral shade, such as black or white. Make sure that the collar is popping up perfectly underneath the sweater! Slip into your favorite skinny jeans and black ankle booties, and you’ll be good to go! Just don’t forget to throw on a piece of statement jewelry, such as a long necklace with a gorgeous pendant, or an ear cuff that goes fabulously with your hair pulled back into a messy bun!

Ladies’ suits in lovely Lush Meadow

If red was the first go-to color for this winter, then green must be the second one! We can say that Lush Meadow, a rich and elegant shade of green that’s both very bright and extremely deep at the same time, is going to rule the fashion world this season. Being so vibrant and sophisticated, it’s amazing for women who really mean business when it comes to clothing. Bearing in mind that ladies’ suits are making a huge comeback this winter, you may want to pick one exactly in this shade. The essential thing about a good suit is definitely fit – if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s a disaster, so make sure that you have a very skillful tailor who knows how to improve it. Such an outfit is more than appropriate for corporate parties, when you still want to look professional, but with a dose of attractiveness. Trust us – this shade will sweep everyone off their feet! Match it with a pair of black stilettos and a small, structured clutch in the same color, and you’re ready to jingle!

Exotic winter getaway featuring Bodacious

Last but not least, an absolutely adorable rich shade of purple called Bodacious. This bright shade is actually more than just regular purple – it hides hints of an adorable pink shade, which is exactly what makes it so irresistible. The fact that it can be flawlessly matched with pink, red, and even orange means that it’s so wearable, even though it may not be your first choice. If you’re planning a perfect holiday getaway to some exotic destination, you should definitely incorporate Bodacious into your unconventional Christmassy color palette. The best way to do it is probably opting for gorgeous ladies’ swimwear in this color – it’ll look smokin’ hot, no matter if you choose a bikini or one piece. Is there anything better than a swimsuit that perfectly hugs your curves and follows your body line, highlighting your attributes? We don’t think so! Just make sure to match it up with a nice, lightweight caftan (it can even be in Aurora Red), and with a pair of strappy sandals, and you’re ready for the beach!

These three adorable colors will be major hits this winter for a good reason. These are so vibrant and gorgeous, and not wearing them can be considered a true fashion crime! Make sure you have at least one piece in some of these shades, since they are true must-haves for an upcoming holiday season!

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