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This Black Man is The Reason Why Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is So Popular



Born into slavery, Nathan Green was a Black man with a unique gift: he could whip up some good whiskey.

While his owner was a distiller, the skill was a remnant of alcohol production from past African cultures that Green honed and mastered.

Around the 1850s, Green’s owner directed him to teach a young Jack Daniel all about the distillery.

As master distiller, Green shared everything he knew, leaving no leaf unturned. Jack Daniel knew all of his secrets, and Jack Daniel used them to build his whiskey empire.

As soon as he opened his distillery, Jack Daniel employed Green’s two sons.

For generations Green’s children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren worked for the company built on the back of their forefather’s talent.

Had Green been born in a more progressive time, perhaps his creativity and talent would not have been hijacked.

And fortunately Black folks today are using their creativity and talent to create their own empires. Just look to those HBCU grads who own Harlem Hops to see what we can do.

Daily, inspiring Black history stories at your fingertips.

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