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‘Saved In The City’ Creates Nationwide Circle of Sister-friends in the Faith

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is human nature to worry, become fearful or desperate when one’s life is in excessive turmoil. When we get in this sort of rut in our lives, we need to surround ourselves with positive people. Saved in the City was launched by Brittany Morton and since it’s interception the organization  has been the epitome of sisterhood. 

Recently, on the Saved in the City instagram story feed, they answered a series of questions that their followers wanted to know. It helped us to learn more about this powerful movement, that we couldn’t help but to share with our readers and followers. Check out the short question and answer session below. 

Why was Saved in the City started? What was in the inspiration behind it?

Saved in the City began out of a desire to assist young women develop a relationship with God. We actually started out on a college campus, but have since grown to impact women of all ages. 

Would you ever consider mentoring someone to help mode them into their purpose?

That’s the goal of our life groups, to provide community so that women can discover who they are in Christ and begin to live fully in their purpose!

How do I stay connected to God all day when the world is full of distractions?

Great question! A few thing we suggest: determination, community/accountability and the right tools i.e. A good devotion routine. Bible, journal to spend time with God daily.

When are you setting up a team in Nigeria?

So questions like this make us smile. One day, we will! Be praying with us!

What would you advise someone who is planning to start a similar movement?

There’s a lot we can say, but a few things: Seek God for vision. Once that’s clear, start where you are- that may mean serving under someone else or mentoring a small group. Don’t despise small beginnings. Remain faith and trust God all the way!

What can be excepted at the conferences?

Oh, where do we start?! Come excepting to receive everything you didn’t know you needed. Girl, God is going to be waiting on you and so are we! Transformation for sure!

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