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Politics and Cannabis: Dr. Christopher Metzler Addresses Questions at Los Angeles Mixer

Political, Cultural and Legal Expert, Dr. Christopher Metzler (left) with Black Hollywood Live Executive Producer and Reelz Channel Television Host Derrial Christon (right) at the Politics and Cannabis event held in Los Angeles. (Photo Credit: Naomi K. Bonman)

It has been seven months since marijuana has become legalized in California, as well as a few other states. Since it has been legal many have been joyous, while others have still been skeptical and have continued to raise questions and concerns. This is why it is important to have forums to accommodate people into better understanding the science and benefits  behind cannabis. 

On Wednesday, June 27 at WeWork Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, modern-day political voice, cultural and legal expert, Dr. Christopher Metzler, participated in a one-on-one “Politics of Cannabis” discussion with Black Hollywood Live Executive Producer, Derrial Christon. Throughout the question and answer session they chatted on the medical, recreational and statutory components of cannabis. 

“[Tonight] is going to be a really good event,” Christon states on what attendees were in for. “Obviously the cannabis industry is booming and growing in several different markets It’s a money maker so people are now realizing that they need to label it differently than how it has been looked at before.”

The event was presented by Wise Owl Media Group and Jade Umbrella, and was very well attended. Attendees were able to mingle and network with each other, as well as partaking in sampling of Cannabis and hemp-infused food and drink supplements. 

The dessert table was looking mighty delicious! (Photo credit: Naomi K. Bonman)

“The people that are the closet to me are people in my family,” Dr. Metzler explains on what inspired him to get into the cannabis industry. “When I see family and friends suffering from illnesses and I see medication that is given to them that is not really helping but making the situation worst, I then have to look at what is freely available and what are the alternatives. I’ve done that and so I’m very very passionate about this topic.” 

In addition to educating the guests about Cannabis, the founders of MelixMJ also introduced their DNA kit. The Cannabis DNA report tests how genes influence Cannabis on one’s health through a saliva collection kit. Based upon individual results, certain products may be better tolerated or more effective for specific conditions. Genes help to determine how our bodies process and rest on cannabinoids and terpenes (different compounds in cannabis). This test is revolutionary for prescription of the right strain and right dose for flower, concentrates, edibles, topical, and THC to CBD ratios based upon one’s unique genetic expression.

This is just the first of many events that Dr.Metzler plans on doing. He will be rolling out more sessions across the country to start educating people about the benefits, science and how people can become more involved in the industry. 

If you missed the Los Angeles event, you can check out the interview below: 

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Naomi K. Bonman is an entertainment and community journalist based out of Southern California. She has been in the field for 11+ years. She has had the pleasure of interviewing big names, such as Kelly Rowland, Chante Moore, Sway Calloway, just name to name a few. She was recognized by the California State Assembly for her work as a News Reporter. Bonman holds her Bachelors of Arts in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism from Clark Atlanta University, as well as her Masters in Public Administration. She is the founder of Purposely Awakened ( and she is also a screenwriter, author, and youth advocate.



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