Born & bread in this game,

At first labeled a lame,

But now unforgettable fame,

And the systems to blame.

Everyday humble listen to me speak with my impediment,

So it sounds like I mumble,

But never afraid to rumble and tussle.

Out of nowhere just a fly on the wall,

Someone you would never fall,

And think can ball,

But I studied the game.

All my days and years facing nothing but hunger, pain, and the ghetto’s hard struggle.

Evan Wheeler hails from Camden, NJ. Most know him as Huey X, which is his selected born again name. It was selected by his love of Huey P Newton and Malcolm X who he follows for their beliefs and looks up to as his mentors. Huey is a well educated brother by the standards of college, as well as being a self taught activist and revolutionary through his experiences in life. He also thinks of himself as an entrepreneur being involved in so many different fields that include: poetry, writing, youth advocacy, business development, investing, and production. He is, “Always looking to advance the culture & legacy ".