A Guide to Buying your First “I’m a Grown-up” Outfit

Well, before we go into anything deeper (style-wise), we’ve got to tell you this – you don’t have to dress mumsy to achieve that perfect, sleek grown-up look, okay? Yes, your mom did look spectacular back in the day, but that was then and this is now. All things peplum simply don’t work any longer, but little cute outfits that channel your professionalism and still leave a lot of freshness in the picture are what you should be going for.

So, now that we’ve dealt with that one, we can actually discuss your “grown-up” choices and suggest outfits (or hints of outfits) you could use to model your business style after:

The key to every successfully put together outfit is staying true to who you really are in terms of fashion choices. Are you relaxed? Always neat? Are you laid-back? Or strict? Whichever one it is, perfect it and recognize it in the sea of racks. Whoever’s hiring you wants to have a confident young woman in front of them who doesn’t suck in or changes shoes in front of the office for the sake of “style”. Please don’t be that girl.

Trust the comfort

After staying true to your personal style, the first thing to think about is being comfortable in what you are wearing; you first interview or work day is when your personality shines and your outfit speaks volumes about your confidence. Choose something chic and business casual, like a black jumpsuit with a cool T under, sparked up with some cuff jewelry. Avoid chokers for your first interview – they are chic but tend to send a very tacky vibe for a first-time-business-thing. Go for mules you can actually travel and walk in. A jacket over in a black or any other color could be nice, too.

Lean on elegance

You can never go wrong with a knee-length A-line dress in an interesting colour; even a little shimmer won’t do harm but make sure it’s nothing tacky or too “out there”.

Take your pick out of all the gorgeous dresses for sale (after all, you still haven’t received your first paycheck so no need to splurge too much) and pair it up with a tailored jacket that enhances your waist. Keep it unbuttoned for the laid-back feel. Carry a bigger bag in a muted colour to elevate the business in your business attire and style things up with an interesting hair ornament. Again – keep things simple.

Polished simplicity

A simple, polished outfit is perfection – always. Pairing up jeans that are not too tight with a little loose top (silk or any other easy, flowy material) in a white or any other muted colour could be a real hit. Even if you go with something printed or patterned, you won’t miss – just make sure the embellishments on the shirt are business appropriate. To give things a little more business look, throw a jacket over and add chic shoes that are both comfy and stylish. Bleeding from your toes isn’t worth it, honestly.

Go menswear, it works

There’s rarely anything as hot and confident as a lady in a man’s suit; obviously, you won’t let things get costumey! Rather, you’ll pair a menswear piece with a girly item and embrace the beauty of hard and soft juxtaposition.

For instance, wear your favourite well-tailored pants, paired with a silk top and simple oxfords. Add a stylish trench into the mix and a mid-size clutch. A hat with a firm brim could work, also reminding of the polished menswear style back in the ‘60s.

Be girly, but not tacky

Want to rock the Audrey Hepburn vibe? Why not!

Pair an office-appropriate tank with a patterned A-line skirt (yes, checkered is fine) and chunky heels. With this outfit, a simple, sleek watch on the wrist and hair in a high bun (with a tad eyeliner, of course) is all you need.

Good luck with your style choices and remember – be who you are and channel it through what you wear… There’s no mistake there!

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