Black woman strong, trying hard to get along, loyalty and pain are the words to your song. What happens when all hope and faith is gone…..nothing —  pick yourself up and continue to be strong!

From the time of your birth, you questioned your worth, you’re a girl and not a boy, does your presence bring joy? Since you were created, have you ever been celebrated or were you simply tossed aside, cuz he was their pride?

Nefertiti and Cleopatra are the blood lines you walked in, “the man” calls your entry the “original sin”…..when he took you from YOUR home, brought you to a land that he STOLE and claimed as his OWN!

You were enslaved too, they raped and defiled you —  It seems that this has been forgotten and still after your shame, you picked just as much cotton! Bodies used as vessels to birth the life of thoroughbreds, young boys grow to be strong men with strong backs…. to withstand all the lashes from the massa’s attacks!

You weren’t allowed to read or write, for every scrap you had to fight! Your dark black skin caused separation, for what was preferred was the lighter persuasion. Working hard day and night, burdens are not light, not considered a person, you had no rights! Too tired to move, so you stayed in your place, boycotts from buses, represented your strength and grace. We shall overcome our stress and our strife. A civil leader’s insight, helped us get our half-ass right, to watch him get shot down, for our lives we still fight! But what do we do now…..are the words to your song — dust yourself off and be strong!

Snowflakes are all the rage, on you he’s turned the page. His place should be right next to you, but now, you just won’t do and your pain he can’t see through. You’re left in total despair, your life has been shipwrecked, stripped bear,  of love and affection, there is no protection….you ask what to do, you have no clue? — stand up and be strong, that’s what you’ll do

Lives do matter but not when they’re black, who cares that you’re crying cuz your son was attacked. Unarmed sons, lives taken by guns, did anyone ever think, their lives  would be extinct? My dear dry your eyes, for your pain is just a stain removed by bitterness and hate, they do not care about the state…. of our condition, this is their tradition! Passed down from generation to generation….they claim this as “their” nation!

But how much broader do your shoulders have to be, to bear the weight of this life indefinitely? It seems that pain and loyalty are the words to your song, you ask yourself, for how long will this go on? You’ll do what you always do, reach deep down inside of you, it’s never yet, steered you wrong —Black Woman Strong ??

C.K. McGhee, is a socially conscious individual concerned with issues of racial and social injustice, currently plaguing people of color, specifically; those within the African American community. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness; interested in the de-stigmatization of mental illness. Her goal is to create an atmosphere where people who are battling mental illness, will find the courage to seek proper medical attention and support, so that they can live their best lives. Her catch phrase, "Here's to brighter days", ends each of her posts, signaling her optimism that there will in fact, be brighter days ahead for those shamed into silence by the stigma of mental illness.