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Mission: To Enlighten, Unite, and Empower people who identify within the multi-cultural, African Diaspora; to raise awareness of overlapping social, economic and political issues and gains.

Vision: To be one of the top media agencies that reconnects cultures of color by reducing the racial and cultural divide.

Idris Elba on Racism in the U.S. and the “Concrete Cowboy”

Idris Elba stars in “Concrete Cowboy“ a critically acclaimed new movie about at-risk Black youths and horse owners in Philadelphia, offering a poignant message at a time of mass-racism protests here in the…

Blind Fury

Another brother’s blood was spilled last night and you’re wondering…

Breonna Taylor trial
A Kentucky Strategy

In the wake of a depressing grand jury announcement in the murder case of Breonna Taylor, impacted communities must design a power response

Love vs Lust

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